Transparency Portal

Table of Contents

2. Organizational and functional structure
1. Organizational structure
Executive Board
2. Functions
Articles of association
Articles of incorporation
4. Organization chart
5. Current regulation
List de current regulations
8. Directory to the administrative units
Location, contact and business hours

Administration and Finance Department

Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia – Edificio CEI
32900 San Cibrao das Viñas
Phone: +34 988 368100
2. Contract-program
Contract-program is in the process.
3. Action plan
No information available
4. Annual report
Tecnopole Annual report 2022


1. Budgets
1. Tecnópole budgets
Budgets 2024
Budgets 2023
Budgets 2022
Budgets 2021
Budgets 2020
Budgets 2019
2. Other budgetary information
Average payment period for suppliers 2023
Average payment period for suppliers 2022
Average payment period for suppliers 2021
Average payment period for suppliers 2020
Average payment period for suppliers 2019
2. Record keeping. Annual accounts and audit reports
Annual accounts 2022 and audit report 2022
Annual accounts 2021 and audit report 2021
Annual accounts 2020 and audit report 2020
Annual accounts 2019 and audit report 2019
Annual accounts 2018 and audit report 2018
1. List of real property
2. Vehícles. (No vehicles counted)
3. Sites of interest: Monte Alegre Archaeological Site
6 Procurement
8. Public services conncession
No información avaliable.
1. Organisation chart
2. Remuneration

The collective bargaining agreement, in effect from January 1st 2020, provides Tecnopole with the legal framework that regulates personnel´s conditions. This agreement equates personnel´s conditions to those approved in the V Single collective bargaining agreement for Xunta de Galicia personnel (V Convenio colectivo único para o persoal laboral da Xunta de Galicia)

Current remuneration for public, statutory and contract personnel of Xunta de Galicia

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