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The Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia S.A., Tecnópole, is the responsible institution in charge of managing a technological complex of infrastructures, spaces, resources, capacities and services open to companies, entrepreneurs and projects utilising innovation and knowledge as their tools for growth.

Focused on innovation
Tecnópole is a place for talent and technological innovation. It offers companies, startups, entrepreneurs and technological and research centres the needed spaces, infrastructures, services and resources for them to develop their whole potential. From Tecnópole, we encourage the expansion of every new project and support every member of our community on a daily basis.
At Tecnópole, we are also committed to sustainable development, gender equality and scientific dissemination.

Tecnópole was inaugurated on the 10th of October 1992 and started developing its activities in March 1993 thanks to the efforts made by the Xunta de Galicia supported by, among others, the three Galician universities, the Ourense provincial council and the municipalities of Ourense and San Cibrao das Viñas. The Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia S.A. is its managing institution.

Its launching derived from the need to create a reference hub in Galicia aimed at hosting, supporting and promoting highly innovative business initiatives endorsing technology, investigation and development as its core concepts.

Executive Board

Ms María Jesús Lorenzana Somoza
Minister of the Galician Economy and Industry
Vice President
Ms Margarita Ardao Rodríguez
General Director of Industrial Strategy and Business Land
Secretary not minister
Ms Rita Rarís Filgueira

Executive Board members

Mr Nicolás Vázquez Iglesias
General Secretary of Industry and Energy Development
Ms Covadonga Toca Carús
Galician Institute for Economic Development (IGAPE)
Mr José Ramón Pardo Cabarcos
Technical Secretary-General of the Galician Economy and Industry 
Ms Iria Santodomingo Foulquie
Corporación Empresarial y Financiera de Galicia S.L.U
Mr José Lino Comesaña Calvo
Corporación Empresarial de Tenencia de Activos de Galicia S.L.U.
Ms Cristina Cobas Romay
Torre de Hércules Inversiones Corporativas S.L.
Mr Rosendo Luis Fernández Fernández
Ourense Institute for Economic Development

Currently, Tecnópole’s managing body –administrating Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia, S.A. – is made up of the following institutions:

  • Xunta de Galicia (50.52 %)
  • Abanca Corporación Bancaria S.A. (37.34 %)
  • Ourense Province Council (3.49 %)
  • University of Vigo (1.80 %)
  • University of Santiago (1.80 %)
  • Ourense Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1.66 %)
  • Ourense Council (1.66 %)
  • San Cibrao das Viñas Council (0.67 %)
  • Ourense Companies Confederation (0.40 %)
  • General Union of Workers (UGT) (0.33 %)
  • University of A Coruña (0.33 %)

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