Differential services in a unique habitat

Tecnópole offers differential services for resident professionals and companies

Settle into the park and leverage the benefits to:

Strategic services

We help you make your company grow

Strategic networks and partnerships:

Tecnópole facilitates its residents the identification of contacts based on their needs, connects them with other companies located in other Spanish technological parks and allows them to work within specific sectors at a regional, national and international level.

Up-to-date information

By means of the fortnightly newsletter and the networking meeting and event agenda.

A continuous promotion of professional services

Supporting companies at Tecnópole to grow and consolidate.

Business communication support

Promoting the relationship with general and specialised communication media.

General services

Only by settling into Tecnópole, you will have all these services at your disposal

Meeting rooms

For rent

Event rooms

For rent


24 h surveillance, fenced enclosure, advanced access control


Internet access IP telephony modernised data centre


Audiovisual equipment reprography

Maintenance and support

Incident follow-up platform

Centralised services

Common reception for all companies


Cleaning and gardening common services

Working and living in Tecnópole

We provide you with all the Park’s equipment for your everyday activities


Car park

We care about you and the environment

Our rates

Check out the rates of our updated services and contact us to make your booking.

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