High-security bunker

A 67-m2 surface, fire extinguishing system and individual climate control


The equipped high-security bunker is at the disposal of any company willing to rent it for its own use or for offering third-party documentation safe-keeping services.

Located in the Tecnópole I Building

internal surface de 67 m2

Featuring an 8.3-m2 attached office

Technical specifications

Reinforced door

Ferrimax normalised level V, PF-100 TI model, with emergency lock.

Fingerprint reader

Bunker access by means of the SPEC’s CS7034F fingerprint reader.


Locking mechanism with level V double bit key and electronic combination in the main door and the emergency lock.


Wheeled transportation boxes with 240 l and 70 l capacity.


Individual climate control.


Fire-extinguishing system.

Application form for rentals or for requesting additional information

You can also call us on 988 368 100 and we will answer all your questions.

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