Virtual headquartering

Service rental for those who do not need a stable physical space but do want to keep a professional image

Have your headquarters at Tecnópole

You can settle your company headquarters at the Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia (Galicia’s Technological Park), Tecnópole, and offer your customers the image and soundness your business needs for 95 euros a month (VAT not included).

If you are already a Tecnópole resident in any of its forms (office rental, child, plot rental, virtual headquartering), benefit from special prices for company virtual headquartering.

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Included services

Specialised business services

Communication service, project financing office or feasibility study

Discounts to book common areas

Special prices for being a Tecnópole resident for the hourly rental of offices or meeting rooms for you and your customers.

Visibility and publicity

Your company logo will be included in the website’s resident area and you will be able to incorporate your business file to publish offers

Meeting room

Two free-of-charge monthly bookings.

Mail reception


Virtual headquartering application form

You can also call us on 988 368 100 and we will answer all your questions.

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