Tecnópole Divulga

Developing scientific dissemination activities for youngsters across Spain since 2006

Tecnópole Divulga

Since 2006, Tecnópole has unwaveringly supported high-quality scientific dissemination. Its five permanent activities, which have garnered widespread praise, are aimed at youngsters from all over Spain. The main goal is to instil entrepreneurship and science focused vocations in the future generations.

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Our dissemination activities


Tecnópole began its commitment to science in 2006 celebrating Galiciencia for the first time. Since then, the fair has been able to gain the general public’s loyalty and grow, reinventing itself year after year, until becoming the largest science fair in Galicia as well as a national reference.

Galiciencia is a science fair aimed at primary school, secondary school, baccalaureate and vocational training students and is open to the general public. Apart from the project exhibition, it is possible to also participate in talks, workshops, competitions and many other parallel activities that are renewed every year.

Aulas Tecnópole

Aulas Tecnópole (Tecnópole’s classrooms) is a weekly extracurricular technological activity for students aged between 12 and 18. It has been held since 2010, from October to May, with the aim of awakening scientific vocations and fostering entrepreneurship among youngsters.


The T2W technological summer camp has been celebrated since 2013, during the first two weeks in July, from 10 am to 6 pm. This experience intends to give the Galician students the opportunity to improve their scientific and technological knowledge in a fully experimental manner by carrying out innovative activities designed by STEM education specialists.

A fun way to complement their academic knowledge and introduce them in the world of research, programming, robotics, STEM challenges, 3D, aeronautics and rocket science, among other activities.

Ciencia e Tecnoloxía en feminino

Ciencia e Tecnoloxía en feminino (Women’s Science and Technology) is a scientific dissemination programme led since 2018 by Spain’s Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE), in which Tecnópole participates together with other parks from all over the country.

The goal of the programme is to foster scientific and technological vocations with the purpose of increasing the choice of STEM studies by young female individuals in the future. It is aimed at students between the first and the third year of secondary education. It consists of a series of workshops, exhibitions, competitions and the provision of guidelines featuring career opportunities for girls interested in studying science and technology-related degrees.

Aula Newton Galicia

Aula Newton Galicia is a free scientific dissemination activity which Tecnópole has exclusively promoted since 2021 in Spain among Galicia’s secondary schools. It is jointly organised by the Xunta de Galicia, Boeing, First Scandinavia and Tecnópole.

Aula Newton Galicia offers science, technology, engineering and maths training by means of dynamic practice in a way that students can use equipment that allows them to explore, debate, reflect and collaborate in the STEM subjects.

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