TECMEVA experimental surgery and training centre

It is available for rent by entities interested in carrying out activities linked to their strategic purposes within an accessible and friendly environment

Located in the Tecnópole I Building

275-m2 surface in two floors

5 areas of activity

Strategic goals

As an initiative linked to the Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia (Galicia’s Technological Park), Tecnópole, TECMEVA experimental surgery centre has the following strategic goals:

Training and teaching

Surgical techniques (all specialities)

Knowledge dissemination

Within the field of laparoscopic surgery


Innovation, development and research activities

Technology transfer

Business promotion

Integrated sterile operating theatre equipped with:

3D endoscopy system

With high definition imaging and anaesthetic and lighting equipment; fully equipped for procedures with big animals.

Equipment control system

Remote control of the endoscopy equipment.

Video-conferencing system

Image, video and audio capturing.

42” technical panel

For 3D image visualization at the infirmary.

Instrument sterilisation area:

Fully equipped

Animal quarters:

Intended for the pre-operative stage

With capacity for 5 big animals.

Non-sterile training area

With 4 fully-equipped high-definition conventional laparoscopic surgery stations

For training sessions with anaesthetic and lighting equipment.

Training room and meeting room


For training sessions with projector support.

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